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Living arrangements


You have a right to choose where you want to live. As you get older, where you live and who you live with can change.

Living arrangements with other people often work out well, but sometimes they don’t go to plan, or things can happen that you don’t expect. This is why it is important to have a written agreement about any living arrangement you may enter into, even if the arrangement is with your family.

Living arrangements may seem simple on the surface, but they can often be legally complex. It is always best to seek legal advice prior to entering into any living arrangement.

Get help

Legal Aid WA can give legal advice to older Western Australians about living arrangements through Elder Rights WA. To speak with a lawyer from ERWA, call the Infoline on 1300 650 579 or email 

You can also get free, independent information and advice about housing options for seniors from the Seniors Housing Advisory Centre on 1300 367 057 or by emailing 

More information about accommodation options for older people and why it is important to protect your interests is explained in the resources below, 'Living arrangements for older people'.