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If you have been charged with an offence related to cars or driving, you may want to know how serious your situation is and whether you should get legal advice.

There can be serious consequences if you commit a traffic offence. The most common penalty is a fine and disqualification of your licence for a certain period. For some offences, the court must disqualify your licence for a minimum period. You can also go to prison for some driving offences.

  • Drink driving 
    You could lose your licence if you are caught drink-driving. If you are a P-plater, your licence will be cancelled completely and you will have to re-sit your practical driving test before you can drive again.

  • Driving recklessly to escape a police pursuit
    If you fail to stop for police and drive recklessly to escape them, you could face a mandatory term of imprisonment.

  • Dangerous driving causing death or grievous bodily harm
    If you drive in a dangerous way and cause an accident where someone dies or is seriously injured, you will probably be sentenced to a term of imprisonment.

Did you know that the police can impound your car off you if you are charged with some traffic offences? Your car could be taken off you for at least 28 days.